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Eagle Vision Formula


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Eagle Vision Formula

Enjoy superior protection from eye problems that plague people over 40.*
Safeguard your retinal cells from damaging blue light.
Utilize antioxidant power to keep your eyes safe from harmful free radicals.
Improve your night vision.
Keep your vision razor sharp.

Product Description

Imagine NO FEAR of failing eye health, deteriorating vision or loss of freedom!

And no worries about changing your lifestyle… limiting your mobility… or becoming dependent on others due to poor health of your eyes.

Now, thanks to new discoveries in natural medicine, you’ll enjoy superior eye health and clear vision-for life!

The best of these vision health breakthroughs have all been put together into an advanced, cutting-edge formula-we call it “the inside secret” we doctors & health care professionals use for our own eyes.

  • Unlock the full power of lutein, giving you twice the protection of typical vision supplements and 59 times more vision defense than a best-selling multivitamin…
  • Improve your night vision…
  • Keep your vision razor sharp…
  • Boost the overall healthy of you eyes…guaranteed!

How a special, patented form of lutein is much more easily absorbed by your body, for superior eye health!

It’s secret behind a new natural vision breakthrough guaranteed to:

  • Boost the overall health of your eyes… 
  • Help you see better at night…
  • Keep your focus clear and detailed vision sharp…
  • Give your eyes double protection from common problems

This isn’t just my opinion.

Meet Roxanne Feher…

She’s a renowned health care practitioner who specializes in vision issues & more…

A Mountain Of Science PROVES IT!

But… None of us experts have come out with a way for YOU to use this new discovery to help you lose that unwanted fat in an easy and convenient way… until now!

Now, I’d like to let you in one a little secret:
One of the nutrients we take everyday to keep our eyes healthy and our vision sharp is lutein.

But as you’re about to see, this is no ordinary lutein.

Here’s the surprising truth about lutein…

If you’re over 40, you should take lutein every day for the health of your eyes and protection of your vision.

As you may know lutein is a nutrient found mainly in green, leafy vegetables such as spinach, kale and broccoli.

Lutein is a unique antioxidant that safeguards your eyes’ retinal cells from damaging high-energy blue light and free radicals.

What’s more, it’s been clinically proven to protect your precious vision by increasing the density of your eyes’ maculae by as much as 50 percent.

The problem is…

…some vision nutrients and multivitamins use a cheaper form of lutein called lutein esters.

They’re extracted from the same source of lutein, but stay in their “esterified” form, making them hard for your body to absorb.

Before you can absorb lutein esters, you must have high levels of digestive enzymes and dietary fat to “convert” them to useable lutein.

But as you age, your digestive enzymes become less effective. Plus, we all know the dangers of eating too much fat.

So you can be taking all the lutein esters you want, but your eyes aren’t getting any benefits at all.

That’s why we’re excited to tell you about…

A special, patented, fully absorbable form of lutein that’s the only kind you should take.

We want to introduce you to a unique form of lutein that’s the best and only kind we take, and recommend to our patients.

It’s called “Eagle Vision Formula”

and unlike lutein esters, your body directly absorbs it.

Eagle Vision Formula is a free-form lutein, which means it’s a biologically active antioxidant molecule that doesn’t depend on enzymes or dietary fat to be absorbed.

What’s more, through a patented purification process, the lutein in Eagle Vision Formula is chemically identical to the lutein found in leafy, green vegetables.

No wonder Eagle Vision Formula contains the same type of lutein used in major clinical studies!

The result?

You can unlock all of the health-boosting, vision-protecting power of lutein to give your eyes nature’s absolute best, most potent nutritional support!

Even better…

Eagle Vision Formula’s lutein is a key secret behind the natural breakthrough for a healthy eyes and sharp vision.

Most people haven’t heard about lutein. But we’re excited to tell you that’s now finally available to you within the innovative Eagle Vision Formula.

Eagle Vision Formula is the “inside secret” that we researchers, health care professionals & doctors take for superior natural eye health.

What makes it so special?

Over the past 25 years, scientists have made exciting new discoveries in natural vision care and eye health. And now, for the first time, the best of these discoveries are ALL available to you in Eagle Vision Formula.

As you’re about to see, Eagle Vision Formula is our No. 1 recommended supplement for healthy eyes and sharp vision. We know how good it is. We take it every day, and it helps keep our day and night vision excellent. Plus, we tell all our friends & clients about it.

Picture yourself taking this single Natural supplement and…

Enjoying superior protection from eye problems that plague people over 40.
Safeguarding your retinal cells and tissues from damaging blue light.
Utilizing antioxidant power to keep your eyes safe from harmful free radicals.
Improving your night vision.
Keeping your vision razor sharp.
Enjoying clear, wide-ranging eyesight.
Maintaining youthful eyes.
Keeping the freedom and independence that comes with clear, focused vision!

Who wouldn’t want all these benefits?

Now, we’ll reveal six specific reasons why we call Eagle Vision Formula the ultimate eye health and vision booster-and why it’s the best and safest way to keep your eyes healthy and your vision sharp for life!

Twice the eye protection of typical vision supplements and 59 times more defense than a best-selling multivitamin!

As you’ve just read, Eagle Vision Formula includes not only lutein, but a special, patented, fully absorbable form of lutein that’s the only kind you should take.

Better yet, Eagle Vision Formula includes a full 20 mg of lutein.

Why is 20 mg important?

Because doctors and clinical studies recommend you need 12-20 mg of lutein each day.

Shockingly, many people taking lutein are falling way short of this amount.

For example, a best-selling multivitamin that has claimed “now with lutein” has only 250 mcg of lutein- that’s only one-quarter of one milligram!

And hardly enough to make any difference in your vision.

But Eagle Vision Formula’s 20 mg of lutein gives you 59 times more eye-protecting power! How does this compare to other vision supplements? Here are some examples of vision nutrients sold online…

Here are some SHOCKING findings:
One so-called “vision formula” had ZERO lutein. That’s shameful!
Another had 3 mg lutein-okay, but only less than 20 percent of what’s in Eagle Vision Formula.
Still another had 6 mg of lutein - less than half of what you need every day.

And most people only get 1-2 mg of lutein a day from the foods they eat.

But with Eagle Vision Formula, you get a full-potency, fully absorbable dose of 20 mg of lutein each and every day!

And, as clinical studies prove….

Lutein is like an impenetrable, invisible shield that gives your eyes rock-solid protection…

Your eyes are under constant abuse from sunlight, UV rays, free radicals, smoke, pollution, environmental toxins - you name it!

That’s why you’ll be glad to know 20 mg of Eagle Vision Formula lutein gives you superior, proven protection-like an impenetrable, invisible shield-against common eye problems and harmful free radicals, UV rays and blue light. Specifically, studies show it provides…

Improved visual function and extra eye protection!

In the landmark Lutein Antioxidant Supplementation Study, a double-masked, placebo-controlled clinical trial, 90 subjects with eye problems took either 20 mg of lutein, just like Eagle Vision Formula has… 20 mg of lutein with other nutrients… or a placebo for 12 months.

The results were eye-opening, to say the least.

Those taking lutein as found in Eagle Vision Formula enjoyed significant improvements in visual function, including…
Glare recovery…
Contrast sensitivity…
Visual acuity

And even more important, they gained a percent increase in macular pigment density - which you need for extra eye protection!

Much-needed support for your macular pigment and for healthy eyes…

Another study documented low blood plasma levels of lutein are associated with low macular pigment density and increased risk of eye problems.

Superior protection from damaging “blue light” and ultraviolet rays…And in still another study, researchers found lutein to have greater filtering efficiency than other macular carotenoids.

Why such additional protection?

Because lutein (1) limits photo-oxidative damage to your eyes by absorbing blue light and (2) protect your eyes by squelching harmful free radicals.

In addition, lutein fills your maculae and absorbs damaging ultra violet rays before they reach your retinas.

All in all, the 20 mg of Eagle Vision Formula lutein shields your eyes and your vision in nature’s most powerful ways.

But that’s not all.

With the exclusive Eagle Vision Formula, you’ll also…

Improve your night vision and enjoy greater safety, mobility and freedom!

Our clients & patients with eye problems tell us that one of their biggest worries is poor night vision.

Who can blame them?

Poor night vision can be dangerous when you drive, limiting both where you go out and when you go out.

It can even make it hard for you to see in dim light or get around in dark rooms (such as when you get up at night to go to the bathroom).

What are the hidden cause of night vision problems?

This is a very common problem as we age, and the cause is often a lack of rhodopsin, a key protein you need for sharp night vision.

But you’ll be glad to know Eagle Vision Formula includes what we believe is the world’s best nutrient for seeing better at night, a full 80 mg of bilberry extract.

Today, bilberry is known to provide antioxidant support to protect your eyes from free radical damage…

to improve blood supply to your eyes…

and to strengthen the capillaries that nourish your eye.

Yet it’s best known as the nutrient you need to see better at night!

For example, one study documents that bilberry improves your night vision by speeding up the filling of “visual purple” (rhodopsin) in your eye that enables you to see after dark.

Not only does bilberry improve your night vision, it also...
Helps your eyes adjust more quickly to darkness (great for driving at dusk)…
Allows faster recovery of proper vision after exposure to glare…
Helps reduce your risk of temporary day blindness from too much sun

What’s more, in a double-blind study, 75 patients with eye fatigue took bilberry extract and other nutrients, or a placebo.

Those who took bilberry and other nutrients had significant improvements in symptoms compared to those who took the placebo.

With better night vision, you’ll get around easier:

in a dark movie theater or in any dark room at night… as you’re walking along on streets in the evening… as you’re taking out the trash… or as you’re doing anything that requires excellent night vision.

It all adds up to greater safety, mobility and freedom!

In addition, Eagle Vision Formula gives you much more than twice the eye protection and improved night vision. It also includes a special nutrient that’s…

Your best “insurance” for lifetime of clear vision!

Even if you’re protecting your eyes from damage and you’re seeing better at night, you still have to worry about your overall eye-health both now, and into the future.

Because of this fact, Eagle Vision Formula includes additional components for safe, healthy eyes, and ongoing laser-sharp vision...

Grape Seeds

Hock full of powerful antioxidants, have been shown to possess a myriad of benefits for a variety of visual health conditions.

Grape Seed Extract helps to slow Macular Degeneration: Oligomeric proanthocyanins in grape seed extract may help or slow the development of macular degeneration, a condition involving loss of the central field of vision.

Grape seed extract has been shown to aid in the reduction of the visual stress caused by our seemingly endless hours in front of computer screens.

Eagle Vision Formula contains a robust 100 mg of this incredibly important antioxidant.

Cataract Prevention: Cataracts might be preventable, in part, by grape seed extract use, according to a tissue culture study published in the January 2011 “Molecular Vision.

Researchers concluded that grape seed extract may be useful for preventing or reversing oxidative damage that can lead to cataract formation.

A study published in the June 2006 issue of “Journal of Cataract and Refractive Surgery” found that doses of 100 mg per kilogram body weight of grape seed proanthocyanidins effectively prevented cataract formation.

Night Vision: Night vision can improve with grape seed extract supplementation...

A study published in the April 2012 issue “Current Eye Research” found that antioxidants in grape seeds protect cells in the retina, which are responsible for you ability to distinguish colors and to see in low light conditions.

In the tissue culture study, grape seed extract quenched free radicals, reversed oxidative damage and protected retinal cells from stress-induced early demise.