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Beyond Human Testosterone Booster

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Beyond Human – Testosterone

  • Tired and weary because of insufficient drive and ambition?
  • Losing muscle, strength, and stamina month after month?
  • Embarrassed by declining sexual potency?
  • Gaining more and more weight each year?
  • Slowly losing your memory and mind

    • Reclaim your Vitality

    • Increase Your Sexual Energy

    • Build Your Muscle Mass

    • Increase your Testosterone!

    • Raise & Balance Male Hormone Levels with Beyond Human Testosterone Booster

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    Product Description

    Throughout history, human life expectancy rarely exceeded beyond these hormonal changes. Even as recently as 1900, the average life span was just 47 years – the exact time that male and female hormones begin to recede.

    But now that modern medicine has outsmarted nature by expanding life expectancy to almost 80 years, men must ask themselves…

    “Do I Really Want To Spend The Next I0, 20, Even 30 Years Of My Life

    • With Low Hormones, Feeling Like This:”
    • Tired and weary because of insufficient drive and ambition?
    • Losing muscle, strength, and stamina month after month?
    • Embarrassed by declining sexual potency?
    • Gaining more and more weight each year?
    • Slowly losing your memory and mind?
    • Feeling obsolete and depressed because of it?
    • Tossing and turning every night because you can’t sleep?
    • Stiff and achy each day you awake?
    • Taking more prescription drugs because many doctors don’t yet realize that low hormone levels could be at the root of your health woes?
    • Watching yourself slowly deteriorate day after day?

    If That’s Not For You, Then I’ve Got The Answer:

    When men lose testosterone and other hormones, they become like castrated mice in a laboratory maze, lost and confused.

    But studies show that when an aging male raises his testosterone levels, it restores his youthful vitality, strength, energy, and sexual function – in effect, rewinding his biological clock.

    Targeting The 4 Critical Aspects In The Anatomy Of An Erection In formulating Beyond Human Testosterone, we selected the most-effective, all-natural compounds that have been clinically-proven to target each of the 4 aspects involved in arousing and maintaining a healthy erection…

    In order to be sexually stimulated, your brain must have sufficient levels of the pleasure chemical dopamine.

    (Remember, the brain is the largest sexual organ. All sex begins here.)

    If dopamine levels are low, the sexiest hard-body on earth could walk into the room and your brain wouldn’t be interested

    To become aroused, your body’s testosterone level must be normal to high. If not, your sexual desire-and the sexual impulses sent to your penis-will be weak or non-existent.

    To form and maintain a firm erection, your penis must receive-and be able to hold-a good supply of blood. The more blood, the bigger and harder the erection.

    Good sex takes energy. And a man must have sufficient stamina for the long, vigorous workout that satisfying sex requires, lest he “poop out.”

    Beyond Human Testosterone isn’t a hormone replacement – a treatment typically reserved for men with abnormally depressed levels.

    Instead of replacing a man’s hormones, Beyond Human Testosterone stimulates the body to produce more of its own safe, natural supply. And not just testosterone.

    The ingredients in Beyond Human Testosterone also boost a man’s human growth hormone; DHEA, and the other important androgens that have been shown by medical research to keep his body virile, strong and sexy-and, yes, even “younger.”

    Hundreds of human studies show that men with high testosterone levels enjoy longer life, better health, happier moods, fewer heart attacks, less prostate problems – and, last but certainly not least, a far more satisfying love life.

    As you’re about to see, the clinically-tested ingredients in Beyond Human Testosterone can give a man back his self-confidence, his youthful strength and stamina, and his studly swagger.

    But don't take my word for it. Check out the impressive scientific studies right here that PROVE it ...Don't waste your money on any supplement that doesn't have impressive human studies to support its claims. Here's the science behind the remarkable ingredients in Beyond Human Testosterone...   There are quite a few sex-boosting products on the market today.   Some contain ingredients that have a long history in traditional folk medicine.   Others Are A Little More Than Modern-Day Snake Oil…   Their ads may promise to "enlarge your penis" ... produce "rock-hard erections”… Make you "last all night”...   And "give you the sexual stamina of a 20-year-old," but, scientifically speaking, most of these products are practically worthless. Some Are Even Dangerous… Few of these "prosexual" supplements have good scientific research to back up their claims-especially in clinical trials.("Clinical" means human studies.) But there are some testosterone-producing compounds that do have impressive clinical studies behind them. And these are the trusted, proven ingredients we've put into Beyond Human Testosterone…   They include...   CORDYCEPS: "The Himalayan Love Button“   If you were formulating the perfect romance pill, you'd definitely want cordyceps in the mix "to get the party started."   Cordyceps sinensis is one of the rarest and most treasured herbs in Chinese medicine. A famed "magic mushroom" with aphrodisiac properties, it grows wild in the high Himalaya Mountains….   We included it in Beyond Human Testosterone because it works primarily in the brain to help transform sexual thoughts and images into Hormonal Impulses.   (So impressive is this neural effect that clinical studies show it significantly improves mental function and memory as well. A nice side effect.) It’s A Potent Aphrodisiac. Recent studies of its powerful aphrodisiac effect performed at Beijing Medical University of China and in Japan found a 64% success rate among men suffering from impotence. Extremely Safe.Cordyceps has been found to be extremely safe, causing no disturbance to the normal body functioning.  TRIBULUS: "The energy generator”   World champion athletes are quite familiar with Tribulus terrestris. They've been using it to give them super stamina and strength for decades.   We added tribulus to our Beyond Human Testosterone formulation because of its tremendous energy potential.   It Gets You Energized. A 20-year clinical study of tribulus by the Bulgarian government led to the sensational record-breaking success of their weight-lifting team in Olympic competition in the 1980s. Gives You Sexual Energy. In a separate study, 75% of the athletes showed a dramatic increase in endurance-while 80% reported a stronger libido and better sexual performance - with no toxicity or adverse side-effects.   Tribulus is an important part of the Beyond Human Testosterone formula because it solves "the energy crisis" of the andropausal male.   And Having Extra Energy Is Key When Your Body Begins To Slow Down After 45.   Staying slim, muscular, and sexually attractive is easy when you feel energetic.   But when you're tired all the time (as most andropausal men are), the last thing you feel like doing is hitting the gym or taking a hike…   Next thing you know you've got a potbelly to drag around, you lose your muscles, your pride fades- it's a depressing, downward spiral…   Tribulus gives you the "oomph" to actually want to be more active. (P.S. - that really pays off in the sack, too!)