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What is RecalMax™?

RecalMax™ is a low dose Arginine/Citruline dietary supplement designed to maximize the benefits of Nitric Oxide and blood flow. Nitric Oxide relaxes blood vessels to allow for healthy blood flow throughout the body. RecalMax™ contains two amino acids: L-Citrulline and L-Arginine, plus a patented piperine extract called BioPerine®, that helps the body absorb these amino acids. At the correct dosing levels, these nutrients have a well-recognized benefit in boosting blood flow throughout the body and to the brain to improving brain cognitive functions.

Better blood flow means better brain health.

How Does RecalMax™ Work

Our body’s ability to convert L-Arginine into nitric oxide decreases as we age. This can be a contributing factor that makes it difficult for some to maintain brain health.

Nitric Oxide (NO) Plays an Important Role in the Brain. The body converts L-Arginine to Nitric Oxide, which sends a signal for the blood vessels to relax.

RecalMax™ provides Nitric Oxide for your body IF your body needs it. If you already have enough Nitric Oxide in your body, your body will excrete the RealMax™.

How Should I Use RecalMax™?

RecalMax™ is a supplement and is not an on demand product that yields immediate effects and benefits.

RecalMax™ was studies in 76 patients who took the product over a 4-month period.

The product should be taken as One capsule in the morning and One capsules in the afternoon daily and continuously for four months to see the benefits observed in the trial people.

RecalMax™ contain Arginine and in order for Arginine to take effect and be present in enough levels in the body to produce enough nitric oxide to relax the blood vessels involved in the neurotransmission and improve cognitive functions. The product NEEDS to be taken daily for a period of continuous months.

RecalMax brain health supplement Improve Memory and Recall

The results of the use clinical study showed the following improvement on the Recall of Words (memory) and on Focus (learning) endpoints:


Recalmax has a proprietary pipecine extract called bioperine that helps the body absorb the two amino acids that produce nitric oxide that helps better blood flow to the brain.

Nitric Oxide has been shown to be important in helping memory and behavior by transmitting information between nerve cells in the brain

How is RecalMax Different?

  • RecalMax™ is the only supplement that provides the optimal amount of L-Arginine in a capsule form.

  • We make no bogus promises of just-in-time brain benefits. RecalMax™ is a piece of the puzzle to promote brain health.

  • RecalMax™ was designed based on multiple studies and articles in scientific literature that recommend daily supplementation amounts of L-Arginine, between 3-7 grams.

  • Bioperine® increases the absorption of the amino acids in RecalMax™.

  • No more messy powder or unpleasant tasting drink needed to consume equivalent large amounts of L-Arginine.

  • RecalMax™ is made of quality, validated ingredients and is manufactured in an FDA registered facility that adheres to cGMP and NSF standards. You can be assured of the high quality of RecalMax™.

Neurotransmission and Brain Health

Nitric oxide serves as a neurotransmitter between nerve cells, part of its general role in redox signaling. Unlike most other neurotransmitters that transmit information only from a presynaptic to a postsynaptic neuron, the small, uncharged, and fat-soluble nitric oxide molecule can diffuse widely and readily into cells. Thus, it can act on several nearby neurons, even on those not connected by a synapse. At the same time, the short half-life of NO means that such action will be restricted to a limited area, without the necessity for enzymatic breakdown or cellular reuptake. NO is also highly reactive with other free radicals, lipids, and proteins.

Results of RecalMax™ use include:

1. 115% increase in the recall of words and names
2. 49.5% increase in maintaining thoughts when distracted
3. 35% increase in processing speed

The data also showed that RecalMax™ is very well tolerated with no serious adverse events. The only minor events reported were episodes of dry mouth, which were resolved by drinking 62oz of water daily, and sleep disturbances if taken in the late afternoon.

RecalMax™ is a proprietary oral low dose formulation of two important amino acids, L-Citrulline and L-Arginine, along with a natural absorption enhancer called Bioperine®. The body converts L-Arginine to a substance called nitric oxide, which then sends a signal for blood vessels to relax. The result is increased blood flow to the brain, which is expected to improve cognitive functioning.