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Beyond Human Growth Agent


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Beyond Human – Growth Agent

    • Increase your muscle mass even faster.*
    • Bolster endurance deeper.*
    • Supercharge your sexual response.**
    • Melt off fat.*
    • Help restore hair growth.*

Product Description

This new scientific breakthrough lets you unlock the secrets of maximum life extension, regardless of your current age.

So what is this anti-aging miracle? It’s technical name is somatotropin. But it’s more commonly known as hGH or HumanGrowth Hormone).

And now a new, energized, pain-free life could soon be yours thanks to Beyond Human’s Human Growth Agent.

Our exclusive, powerful and “for the serious only” addition to our range works in compliment to your Beyond Human Testosterone to further:

  • Increase your muscle mass even faster
  • Bolster endurance deeper
  • Supercharge your sexual response
  • Melt off fat
  • Help restore hair growth
  • Fortify your immune system
  • Improve your skin tone

Did you know?
Human Growth Hormone (hGH) is perhaps the most important discovery in the history of longevity medicine — a discovery that you absolutely must know about, particularly if you’re over the age of 35!

Originally, it was thought that human growth hormone was needed only while the body grows, and once maturity is reached, the hormone is no longer necessary.

However, recent studies and research have documented that Human Growth Hormone is vital in virtually all functions of the body, even in old age.

A recent prominent doctor spoke out and admitted: “Studies indicate hGH deficiency is relevant to health and responsible for early onset of degenerative disease, or even premature death.”

Getting the pituitary to release hGH as we grow older has always been a mystery. Once your body reaches maturity, the levels of the released hGH start dramatically drop where the average person’s hGH levels reduce as much as 80% from age 21 to 61.

Not coincidentally, as the levels of hGH diminish, so do the proper functions of your organs …

This is exactly what “aging” is, and why you must act now!

And if like other men you want to build your muscle mass EVEN FASTER, and compliment those testosterone boosing effects you'll be receiving soon exponentially, then you know that Human Growth Agent is for you. 

By placing your order today, you have qualified for an exclusive deal on Beyond Human's revlolutionary human growth hormone boosting spray - Human Gworth Agent. Just one bottle of all the powerful, growth hormone ingredients in this weird little spray would cost well over $100 each if you were to source them yourself.

But you need to hurry… because as a result of all the feedback we have received from customers who used Human Growth Agent in combination with their Beyond Human Testosterone, the results have been astounding. We really are running incredibly low on stock, so please don't MISS OUT on this deal. This amazing offer won't ever be made again.